30 in 30 – Flower Wreath

Todays painting will most likely be incorporated into another piece of artwork. Thinking I may add a quote or use it as a nursery print. We shall see. Part of the fun, and hard work, of being creative is the possibilities are endless. But this is definitely a good thing! If you have an idea… Continue reading 30 in 30 – Flower Wreath


30 in 30 Challenge – Zebra

Zebra, by Lori Reynolds for Purple Snapdragons The 30 Day ChallengeDay One of the Artists Helping Artists 30 Day Challenge crept up on me. So here I am, on technically the 3rd day, but better late than never! Whether you're an Artist, or love to play with paint, feel free to join . The point… Continue reading 30 in 30 Challenge – Zebra