30 in 30 – Flower Wreath

Todays painting will most likely be incorporated into another piece of artwork. Thinking I may add a quote or use it as a nursery print. We shall see. Part of the fun, and hard work, of being creative is the possibilities are endless. But this is definitely a good thing! If you have an idea… Continue reading 30 in 30 – Flower Wreath


30 in 30 Challenge – Zebra

Zebra, by Lori Reynolds for Purple Snapdragons The 30 Day ChallengeDay One of the Artists Helping Artists 30 Day Challenge crept up on me. So here I am, on technically the 3rd day, but better late than never! Whether you're an Artist, or love to play with paint, feel free to join . The point… Continue reading 30 in 30 Challenge – Zebra


Penguin Holiday Cards

Another sneak preview of a holiday card I'm designing with my cute penguin. Do you prefer blank cards? Cards with sayings inside or outside? For me, sometimes it depends on the occasion or style of card. Sometimes a blank greeting card is nice because you can add what you'd like to say for yourself. Other… Continue reading Penguin Holiday Cards

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Already? 😳 Happy Holidays

Believe it or not, the Holidays are just around the corner. I'm planning a new shop update soon. This leaves me thinking, when you start your holiday shopping? Do you wait to put up your decorations until after Thanksgiving? How soon is too soon? Or too late? Our family has always waited. But then kept… Continue reading Already? 😳 Happy Holidays


Hello and Welcome!

Wise old owl by Lori Reynolds for Purple SnapdragonsHello Friends…I'm Lori Reynolds, the artist & illustrator behind Purple Snapdragons. As a creative dreamer, I love so many things – from animals to interior design, food, baking, miniatures, aka tiny things, dollhouses, travel, writing, photography and more. You'll find I love to include many of these favorites… Continue reading Hello and Welcome!